REICHian Massage

Reichian Massage Technique

REICHian Massage

Wilhelm Reich developed a map of where particular emotions are held back in the spine. The neck muscles hold control, mistrust, suspicion. The upper shoulders hold the burden of responsibility. Between the shoulder blades is stored unexpressed anger and resentment: if it is so strong that a hump develops, this is known colloquially as the widow´s hump. Behind the diaphragm is the place of fear, controlling our energy by limiting our breathing. In the lower back we hold childhood needs, humiliation and dependency. At the base of the spine we hold back our sexual desire and power.

Receiver lies on their belly. Giver spreads just a little oil on the spine and runs with both thumbs down the muscles on each side of the spine from neck to sacrum. The stroke are as slow as is possible. The long stroke is repeated, first on one side then the other, with a little more pressure by using the elbow. If a painful spot is found, giver sotps an holds it. Receiver brathes into the spot and tries to let the thumb or an albow in without contracting. A certain amount of pain can be almost pleasurable, with the feeling of being finally reached in a part of the body that can feel like concrete. When the muscles are chronically tense, a sheath grows around them, binding together the different muscle strands. A few goes of this massage will slowly dissolve away the sheath, but at first the thumbs or elbows tend to slide off it easily, creating a rather unpleasant sensation of veing a robot made of plastic. Well, exactly! As the sheath dissolves, giver and receiver can feel the separate strands of the muscle, and often sense crystalline deposits like granulated sugar, which are the result of the tension. There may be a reddening of the skin as blood and lymph are brought to the area to cleanse away these toxins.

Than the next phase is to massage these muscles sideways, pushing the muscle away from the spine to create space and deeply stroking across their width.

Next phase is Neck and Shoulder Massage

Receiver lying on one side, giver lifts the shoulder blade and with the other hand massaging the muscles under the shoulder blade upwards onto the shoulder. Then giver oils the top of shoulder and side of neck. With one hand stretches the shoulder down to put it under traction and elevate the muscles. Massaging with the thumb follow each muscle strand from the shoulder up to the base of the skull. Using the whole inside of thumb and forefingers as well. Some strokes can carry the energy up over the scalp.

Open the jade gate is next step. Receiver lying on their back. Slowly pulling the head from the rest of the body. After that with one hand giver turns the head, reaching down with the other hand between the shoulder blades as far as he can, hook first and second fingers upwards and pull of the longissimus doorsi muscles to the base of the skull. The same to the other side and alternating these strokes in a steady flowing rhythm.

Next phase is a Dolphin wave stroke: reaching with both hands down to the base of the neck, lifting with edge of forefingers supported by other fingers so the head goes back and as giver pulls up the ceck goes forward in a wave movement. Continuing the stroke into the hair. Pulling out the hair or the spirit hair.

The massage is most effective as a series of eight or ten sessinons, but not more frequently than twice a week, to allow time for the energy processes the massage initiates to be integrated.