Five Touch Massage

The Body Imprints massage (Five kinds of touch)

"Five touch" techniques are inspired by a traditional Nativ american Indian treatment called Quadoushka bringing deep relaxation and regeneration.

You can receive this massage on your back lying on your belly, or on your belly bying on your back, or one after the other, with the arms above the head, fingertips touching (different when you massage on a table). The massage starts from the left foot, the left part of the whole body, to the right part of the body, finishing by a massage of the right foot.

The first kind of touch is to touch the universal imprint on your body. It is a firm contact to the physical body, following its contours, expressing here you are, this is your body, this is your form.

The second kind of touch aims at draining redundant energy in the body. Going uder the skin and reaching the muscles and the connective tissue with a strong but gentle wringing motion. Imagination is about washing a delicate material such as silk, and you are wringing out the dirty water. The receiver and giver can visualize the foreign energy, the imprints of programming, flowing away like the dirty water.

The third kind of touch includes awakening of the original inner energy to the surface of the body. With a plucking motion, like plucking a harp or a chicken, inviting the original energy from deep in the interior of the body to expand out to the surface. This is not like pinching, it is not working with the physical body, but with the energy. It is refreshing, like having a shower.

The fourth kind of touch consists of spreading this energy evenly on the whole body. With a very light and slow touch with the fingertips, thepalms and the breath, the giver spreads energy through all of the skin.

The fifth kind of touch harmonizes the whole body and its aura. Stroking the energy body.

You can combine the two techniques as well - the Five touch massage with the holistic massage of your back and shoulder. 

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